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IntelliCasa supports you & your system at every stage of the smart home/office life cycle

Planned Preventive Maintenance

Planned preventive maintenance allows to substantially reduce reactive maintenance & retain the equipment & assets in the desired or needed quality. It aims to prevent the breakdown or failure of equipment before it actually occurs & ensure the smooth operation of the client’s system.

Intellicasa engineers
IntelliCasa maintenance

Corrective maintenance

Corrective maintenance is carried out after failure detection & is aimed at restoring an asset to an appropriate condition, whilst reactive maintenance is performed after a breakdown so an asset can perform its intended function.

Why my system needs maintenance support?

Reduce costs

Enhance efficiency by keeping things running more efficiently & lowering power expenses.
With a fixed cost for planned maintenance & discounted prices for any corrective fixes required.
Reduced overtime costs & more economical use of workers due to a scheduled basis instead of a crash basis to repair breakdowns.

Prioritised client

Customers under maintenance contract are prioritised in callout services.
There is a commitment to the customer that safeguards his investment.


Less unplanned maintenance.
Equipment downtime is decreased & the number of major repairs are reduced.
Timely, routine repairs circumvent fewer large-scale repairs.
Improved safety & quality conditions for everyone.

Loss provention

Better conservation & increased life expectancy of assets,  thereby eliminating premature replacement of machinery & equipment.

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