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Starlink network & Wi-Fi installation

IntelliCasa specialises in internet network installations. We ensure reliable high-speed internet access, wherever your home or business is located.

We highly recommend Starlink satellite broadband Intellicasa systems for their value for money and outstanding performance - we are your trusted expert network installers. 

We can beat BT's broadband costs and speeds! 


Project case study

Château Saint Cernin - France

Intellicasa starlink network

The old internet system had slow download speeds (2mbps) & there was no possibility of a telephone line for broadband installation.  No more than 10mbps speed was achievable through mainstream options.  Needing a complete upgrade in order to be able to work from home - the Starlink network solution was the only solution for the location and the unify access points around the Chateau. Physical network points were also installed in all residential rooms and conference rooms - the installation has provided a robust and trusted solution enabling the owner to run his businesses from this once unreliable location with speeds over 185mbps!

IntelliCasa recently completed the first phase of a renovation project regarding the network upgrade of a 12th Century Chateau in Southern France. The client asked for a wireless network system that will assist him to operate his business remotely when needed, watch his favourite shows on-demand and allow guests in any part of the estate to have full internet access with zero downtime and no service interruptions....

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