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Gledhow Gardens, Chelsea

Smart lighting control system design

This Central London abode is made up of 4 floors and a mezzanine with roof terrace. The last floor and mezzanine have both been added to the building to create new bedrooms a gym and a mezzanine with a terrace. The system design has been created in such a way that the floors are dependant of one another today and in the future should the client decide to split the house into multi-dwelling apartments, this can be easily done without taking the whole house down again. This smart home design incorporated a state-of-the-art Crestron CP3 processor which was selected to handle the complex design and create dependant floors that could be split in the future, by selecting a smart Crestron lighting design. This meant that we could create new installations for the last floors whilst retrofitting the lower ones with Crestron RF lighting keypads bringing the entire house together today.

The latest Crestron touch panels were carefully placed and located in the circulation areas of the house from the ground floor all the way to the roof terrace, giving easy access to the users to control any floor systems from any landing they are at without them needing to go all the way up or down to do so. The latest Crestron PIR sensors were distributed around the house and the multiple bathrooms, to create auto-detection functionality and contribute to energy savings by switching the lights off when the rooms are unoccupied. The gym glass was installed on the ceiling as well as on the walls allowing the sun rays to travel all the way from the roof terrace throughout the house. The latest smart technology, incorporated the use of Crestron control and trigger for the glass, to frost and defrost at the touch of a button, allowing the user to enjoy the sun when needed or block out when not required. The latest AC condensers have been installed on the roof discreetly and were designed to work in tandem with the Crestron wall sensors and underfloor heating so they will not intercept one another in cold or hot seasons.

BPT POE smart door entry system was installed and interfaced with Crestron allowing the user to answer the door on any floor they are using the smart home Crestron touch panel. The 4mega-pixel camera produces crystal clear pictures of the visitors at the door and the lock mechanism can be triggered using smart Crestron interfaces when the button pressed upon request. The touch panels have been designed to call one another between floors so if an occupier on the ground floor is wanting to call someone on the mezzanine floor this also can happen by pressing the “enter-floors button” on the Crestron touch panels. The roof terrace smart lighting has been selected with a mixture of light fittings from John Cullins and Collingwood lighting to create a night mood with style. This Central London Smart Home used the latest Crestron technology at the time to deliver a seamless and cutting edge feel to marry the requirements of the occupants.

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