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Wood Lane, London

Adding smart home automation for developers

Intellicasa was appointed by a property developer to enhance this property with home automation features in order to increase the asset's value and attract potential buyers that are seeking comfort and luxury. This project encompassed a smart home technology solution that delivered great sound distribution, effective lighting control, peace of mind and heating/ cooling controls throughout the London house. Users can control all functionality through their mobile phone. The introduction of smart home technology added considerable value to this London home and enhanced the smart home automation experience for all.

To allow all of the above to work efficiently and reliably, Intellicasa designed and installed an enterprise-grade gigabit network with WiFi access points discreetly placed in all key areas of the property, ensuring great coverage and throughput in every area of the property. HD CCTV cameras run over this same network for total coverage of the home. The clients have the option to view cameras on any TV in the home or via a smartphone app when away.

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