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A look back on our commercial automation projects

Commercial automation installations have become increasingly popular in recent years as businesses look to streamline operations and improve efficiency. One of the key areas of focus in commercial automation is the integration of CCTV, climate control, lighting control, and automated blinds.

We have collected a number of different commercial clients over the past several years having installed audio visual touch screen automation systems in a vineyard in France, full lighting and climate control for pharmaceutical offices and labs in and around London, CCTV and access control systems for chain restaurants, & smart shared offices/boardrooms throughout the UK with automated room booking, blinds and more.

Moving forwards, we are excited to mention some of our 2024 pipeline projects...

Chelsea, London -

The installation of a fully automated system for a new birthing clinic in Chelsea, London is one of our up coming projects planned for 2024. The use of automation technology in healthcare is rapidly growing. The system we will be installing will have the ability to automatically adjust the environment to meet the individual needs of each patient, such as lighting, temperature, and music. The automation of these tasks will allow healthcare professionals to focus more on providing personalised care and support to patients, ultimately leading to better outcomes for both mothers and babies.

As we move closer to the launch of this new birthing clinic, there is much anticipation and excitement about the plans and the benefits the installation will bring.

IntelliCasa lighting design


Geneva, Switzerland - In 2023 we acquired some new clients in Geneva which led to us installing a brand new residential access control system in 2023, and carrying out an audit on an old system that requires an update to be completed in 2025. 


Totteridge, London -

11years ago, we did some work for esteemed clients in Hertfordshire including the installation of Lutron blinds and lighting systems - they are back for more! Watch this space...

The home automation system installed initially was Lutron Homeworks for lighting and roller blinds, System line controllers for the music distribution and TVs in over 13 areas along with touch panels to control the TV and music around the house in key locations. The games room can host over 30 people playing music using the ceiling speakers installed with the option to plug a DJ stand and have parties for their children when needed. Read more


Chester Square, London - In 2023, we were thrilled to work with a new client in Chester square - central London - installing a building management system. We are happy to be maintaining the system for them going forwards.

The previous network infrastructure had become obsolete, lacking the ability to receive firmware updates, comply with contemporary security standards, or facilitate remote access for troubleshooting and reactive maintenance.

The network system within the premises underwent a substantial upgrade, resulting in the installation of a new and robust system.

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