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IntelliCasa: Your Premier Building Automation Maintenance Service Provider in the UK and Beyond

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Building Automation Maintenance

IntelliCasa is proud to announce the expansion of our maintenance services, catering to both residential and commercial clients in the UK and beyond. With nearly eight years of experience in offering professional maintenance services since 2015, our maintenance department has flourished into a separate business entity, offering top-quality services in London's most prestigious locations. We specialize in AV & Satellite, Lighting, Security, and HVAC Control systems for communal and private areas of apartment blocks and office buildings.

A Fruitful Collaboration for Unparalleled Maintenance Services

Our collaboration with Edmund Services, a well-known Facility Management Company in London's building market, has been the driving force behind the growth of our maintenance department. Since partnering with Edmund Services in 2016, IntelliCasa has been able to provide exceptional services that have set us apart in terms of customer satisfaction. Our competitive edge lies not only in our punctuality but also in our effectiveness and efficiency in resolving issues related to existing installations. Backed by a team of highly skilled engineers and expertise from our construction department, we have forged partnerships with other renowned facility and property management companies in London, such as Rendal & Ritneer, Briggs & Forrester, LRM, Qube, and Polyteck among others, to cater to their key clients.

Expertise in Preventive & Reactive Maintenance for London Iconic Buildings

IntelliCasa has gained expertise in Preventive & Reactive Maintenance, earning a reputation for excellence while maintaining iconic buildings in London. Our portfolio includes prestigious landmarks like the Design District, a collection of 16 buildings located in Greenwich Peninsula, The Pathe Building in Wardour Street, The Clarence at St James's House, The Regent's Crescent at Marylebone, and the Sloane Building in Chelsea. Our comprehensive range of services encompasses Planned Preventive Maintenance, which significantly reduces reactive maintenance, ensuring optimal equipment and asset performance. By detecting and addressing potential breakdowns before they occur, we ensure the seamless operation of our clients' systems. We also offer Corrective & Reactive Maintenance, which restores assets to their appropriate condition after failure detection, as well as reactive maintenance to get assets back on track.

Expanding Our Maintenance Services to Mechanical Systems

Recently, IntelliCasa has expanded its maintenance services to cover not only smart home automation systems and electronics but also the mechanical systems within buildings. We now offer comprehensive maintenance solutions for gas boilers, pumps, pressurization units, water treatment systems, and Groundwater Pump Station Systems. This expansion was driven by the satisfaction of our selected key private clients, who have entrusted us with maintaining the remaining M&E systems in their houses. For instance, at Mullberry Walk in Chelsea, we not only provided a smart home system revamp but also implemented preventive maintenance for various house systems. This includes maintenance for the Brita drinking water system and Quooker tap system, which provide filtered still water and fizzy water, as well as the Cold Water Storage Tank and Water Softener system. By adhering to BS8558 standards, we ensure the prevention of harmful bacteria like legionella. Furthermore, our maintenance services encompass the servicing of gas boilers, valves, pumps, radiators, pressurization units, and Groundwater Pump Station Systems, ensuring optimal efficiency.

Solving Complex Issues and Upgrading Outdated Systems

At Chester Square in the Belgravia area of London, IntelliCasa demonstrated its prowess by providing maintenance services for underfloor heating, plant room facilities, two gas boilers, Cold & Hot Water Systems, and BMS. We successfully resolved ongoing issues with the gas boiler, issues that previous maintenance companies were unable to rectify. By rectifying the heating system's components and upgrading the boilers to newer, more energy-efficient models, we not only ensure lower energy bills but also contribute to reducing carbon emissions. Our attention to detail extends to replacing a leaking Heating Element Backup Sensor and addressing corrosion and debris accumulation in the cold water and hot water tanks. Regular cleaning and disinfection are essential to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria and maintain safety and hygiene standards. It is recommended to conduct annual disinfection of the cold and hot water storage tank to adhere to BS8558 standards.

Introducing House Systems Audits for Optimal Maintenance

At IntelliCasa, where building automation maintenance is important, we recognise that thorough evaluations are essential before implementing Planned Preventive Maintenance services. Therefore, we offer a unique House Systems Audit service to ensure the proper functioning of M&E installations in buildings. Through a detailed analysis of equipment age, condition, and functionality, we assess the current state and efficiency of M&E systems. Our evaluation focuses on factors such as efficiency and comfort, enabling us to provide recommendations for improved system performance and optimal operation. A House Systems Audit is crucial for any installation, as it provides essential information about the system's history and prior maintenance.

Expanding Our Services to Switzerland

IntelliCasa's commitment to excellence extends beyond the UK. We have recently formed a partnership with a leading Swiss M&E company, which operates in Switzerland, France, and Monaco. Building on our successful projects in France and Monaco, such as The Forge in Monaco, the Château Saint Cernin in Bordeaux, and the wine shop Les Vignobles des Verdots in Bergerac, we are excited to bring our services to Switzerland. The client needed a House systems audit to assess the condition of lighting, AV, network, phone, and door entry systems. This evaluation would enable us to identify areas for improvement, resulting in enhanced system performance, reliability, and user experience at the villa. By incorporating the latest technologies and addressing specific concerns, we ensured that house systems operate seamlessly, providing residents with a sophisticated and advanced smart home experience.

Maintenance services

Looking Ahead: Expanding Our Services Across Europe

IntelliCasa's commitment to adding value to commercial and residential assets extends beyond the UK. We are thrilled to announce our plans to expand our services across central Europe, focusing on the most prestigious locations. Whether you are a property owner, whether commercial or residential, stay connected with us for exciting updates on our expansion and future maintenance services.

Choose IntelliCasa for Unmatched Facility Management and Smart Home Maintenance Solutions

When it comes to facility management and smart home maintenance services, IntelliCasa is the name you can trust. With our extensive range of services, commitment to excellence, and dedication to customer satisfaction, we are your ideal partner for maintaining the optimal functionality of your buildings. As leading smart home installers in London, we provide comprehensive solutions tailored to your needs. Contact IntelliCasa today to discover how we can add value to your property and exceed your expectations.


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