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Chelsea birthing clinic

Automated birthing clinic

The installation of a fully automated system for a new birthing clinic in Chelsea, London. The system we are installing will have the ability to automatically adjust the environment to meet the individual needs of each patient, such as lighting, temperature, and music. The automation of these tasks will allow healthcare professionals to focus more on providing personalised care and support to patients, ultimately leading to better outcomes for both mothers and babies.

There is much anticipation and excitement about the installation and the benefits the system will bring.

Equipment being installed includes:

Ubiquiti UniFi internet access points
Ubiquiti router and security

System infrastructure:
AV Rack

Office Room:
Yealink Room Panel
Microsoft Teams Meeting Room Scheduling Touch Panel
Phone Touch Max Premium desktop
Wireless printer/scanner

Reception area:
Samsung Ultra HD TV screens
SONOS® ONE Speaker
Ubiquiti EAH-8 UniFi Enterprise Access Hub
Ubiquiti UA-G2 UniFi Access Reader
Ubiquiti UniFi Access Reader G2

BPT Security:
Access Electric Door Lock
Audio/Video Module
Access Control Keypad
Access Video panel

IP Camera w/ 10m Night Vision
Ubiquiti Cameras
Network Video Recorder


Commercial: Offices, restaurants, shops and hospitality

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