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Field End, London

Discrete smart home automation

For this smart home automation project, keeping our smart technology installation discrete and in line with the clean interior design was key. Our smart lighting solution required for us to install Lutron systems throughout and their wide range of stylish keypads allowed us to blend the installation in with ease. A Savant processor was installed & embedded iPads and iPhones inside the walls to control heating, AV, music & home security. This smart home automation project allowed the client to operate all important elements of their house through various touch panels throughout the property.

The AV distribution was key to the client’s requirements and Intellicasa used its specialised design team to create the right integration solution for the occupants, allowing them to stream music via alternative sources to various different rooms. The bespoke design incorporated several smart home features allowing energy efficient use of lights and distribution of sound across the property.

This modern North London property is now benefiting from Wi-Fi controllable air conditioning that links to a state-of-the-art automated home system to provide cost effective and energy efficient comfort all year round. Orbital Climate Solutions, which installs bespoke air conditioning and ventilation systems across London and the South of England, worked closely with IntelliCasa, to deliver a first-class climate control system that provides discrete comfort for the homeowner whilst matching the high-end refurbishment of the 5-bedroom home. This stylish, hi-tech home now has state-of-the-art climate control to provide discrete comfort for the homeowner. The MELCloud Wi-Fi enabled controller offers control from anywhere.

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