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IntelliCasa home cinema

Spectacular luxury home cinema room installation


Cinema for home


From projectors & screens to bespoke cinema seating & surround sound, IntelliCasa can offer everything you need to create the ultimate home cinema room experience. With bespoke design and expert installation, we create custom made home cinema rooms tailored uniquely to fit any room size, aesthetic taste, interior designer's brief, performance expectations and budget. 

Sound proofing, high definition video & mesmerising surround sound audio alongside comfortable seating and the perfect mood lighting allow for the most quintessential viewing experience.

Immerse yourself in the ultimate way & experience sophisticated entertainment in your smart home. Contact us  - your trusted home cinema fitters.

IntelliCasa Home Cinema
home cinema room

Home Cinema Solutions

Cinema Seating - State of the art Projectors - Audio Acoustics - Interior Design

Our home cinema solutions will bring the big screen directly to your home whether you’re sitting down to watch the latest movie via Apple TV, streaming your favourite show on Netflix or challenging your friends to on-line gaming via PlayStation or Xbox . We at IntelliCasa specialise in bringing you the very best technology to create cutting edge entertainment experiences for you and your family.

We insist on only using the very best products to ensure your cinematic experience is second to none. Installing award winning audio such as Bowers & Wilkins speakers, Sonos surround set incorporating Dolby Atmos to Crestron award winning audio system and precision crafted speakers all with a design that allows each speaker to be custom-fitted to your needs. 

Home Cinema Surround Sound

We can even make the speakers virtually invisible within your room. The sound quality you can experience can be extraordinarily life-like and in three-dimensional detail!

The viewing experience is enhanced through either a 4k projectors such as Sony which delivers stunning, detail-packed images and incredibly lifelike colour to the very latest OLED 8k high definition TVS like Samsung and Sony. All screen options can be chosen to suit the environment, whether it’s a hidden TV or a motorised screen which ever you choose you’re guaranteed an exceptional picture!

Cinema Room Palace View

Talk To Us About Your Project.

Home theatre installations

Having a dedicated home cinema room offers an unparalleled entertainment experience that rivals even the best commercial theaters. Unlike simply watching TV in your living room, a home cinema provides an immersive environment where you can truly lose yourself in the story. The combination of high-definition visuals on a large screen and surround sound that envelops you from all angles transforms your viewing experience into something extraordinary.

Creating the perfect home cinema in your London residence involves more than just buying a big screen and some speakers. It requires careful planning and design to ensure everything from seating arrangements to acoustics is optimized for the best experience. Lighting control, soundproofing, and even the choice of materials for the walls and floors play crucial roles in crafting an ideal environment. Every detail matters, and that's why a meticulous approach at the design stage is essential.

Thankfully, you don't have to tackle this complex project on your own. Our expert team specializes in designing and constructing home cinema spaces, taking care of everything from the initial planning to the final installation. We handle all the heavy lifting, both metaphorically and literally, ensuring that your home cinema is built to the highest standards. With our professional touch, you can soon enjoy the ultimate movie-watching experience right in the comfort of your own home, wondering why you didn't make this upgrade sooner.

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