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IntelliCasa smart home lighting control

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At Intellicasa we design and implement indoor & outdoor Smart Lighting Solutions using the best in Smart Home technology , such as Crestron and Lutron, to create the perfect atmosphere throughout your home.

Taking advantage of natural day light & using preset lighting scenes, you can transform the mood of a room with a simple touch of a button whilst reducing energy consumption.

See your home like you have never seen it before, highlighting the best features of your interior design with our cutting edge Smart Lighting control systems using the most sophisticated Home Automation technology on the market.

IntelliCasa lighting control panel
Intellicasa lighting

Take Control

Using a Smart Lighting Control System you can fully take control of your house or office. Using bespoke pre-set lighting scenes, you can transform the ambience of any room with a simple touch of a button. Soft lighting for a movie night or bright and colourful to brighten up a dark room, no matter what your mood there is a smart lighting solution to suit.

Outside spaces

Our Home Lighting Automation solutions also cater for your outdoor spaces too, now you can match the mood of inside and carry it through to the garden, big party, intimate dinner or just relaxing on a late summers evening , you can adapt your surroundings with the use of colour and level of light enriching your outdoor experience.


Be it at your personal residence or place of work, security is of the upmost importance. Our Smart Home systems integrate the latest in cutting-edge security solutions, accessible from anywhere in the world via smart phone or tablet, to keep you, your family and your home safe at all times. 
The use of a Smart Lighting Control System will also help in keeping your home or office secure.

Your preference

Pre-set your lights to greet you as you come home, illuminate your hallway or front garden when you arrive. You can easily programme your Smart Lighting to mimic your activity so that when you’re away the system will act as though you’re still at home.   

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