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Your trusted advisor & solution specialist 
in smart automation & building control 

A SMART Automated Business provides you with a unique opportunity that will assist you in becoming more efficient, increased productivity, reducing your  energy costs and improving staff well-being all at the touch of a button.

Whether your business is an office, retail space, hotel or gym, by using SMART technology you can give your staff and clients a better experience , greater wellbeing, more connectivity, increased agility and improved sustainability.

IntelliCasa Commercial Lighting

Our commercial clients include...

IntelliCasa Commercial Lighting and Shades

Lighting & Shades

We design & implement SMART lighting & shade management systems so you can take complete control of your lighting across multiple floors, buildings, or sites.
Remotely optimise your lighting & shades through overrides or scheduling helping you reduce operational & energy costs & improve sustainability credentials.
An intuitive dashboard gives you insight into lighting usage and allows you to optimise lighting operations remotely.

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Climate Control

Maximize energy savings by setting the optimal temperature in any room. Intuitive, sophisticated climate control for every season.

Our SMART HVAC systems constantly monitor the environment providing efficient output at all times & can be fully controlled through one easy to use interface.

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IntelliCasa Commercial Climate Control
IntelliCasa Commercial Audio and Visual Solutions

Audio & Video

Transform your meeting rooms into collaborative workspaces with 4k multi-video conferencing platforms. Interactive writable UltraHD screens will add a new dimension to your meetings and presentations.

Control audio in any room with precision crafted directional speakers, ceiling speakers and microphones giving you superb clarity and quality sound ensuring the very best user experience.

Room Management 

Make your workplace more efficient by using the very latest room booking systems.

From touch screens & scheduling software to illuminated room availability indicators, this will offer your clients & staff a more collaborative & connected  way of working  across all your meeting spaces.

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IntelliCasa Commercial Room Management Touch Screen
IntelliCasa Commercial Security Systems

Intelligent Commercial Security 

Using state of the art technology to protect your business providing you with unmatched levels of control & convenience.

From entry and access systems where you can manage & monitor the movement of people to bespoke surveillance solutions using HD cameras  providing safety & comfort to both your clients & staff.

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IntelliCasa Dallmeier security camera

How you can benefit from our commercial solutions...

Cost Savings

Optimised lighting & climate control solutions reduces the overal utility costs


Make it easier for your teams and clients to arrange meeting rooms or conference calls


Monitor & control climate and lighting


Smart technology allows you to focus on your business, employees & clients

Well Being

Smart solutions to enhance your team's well being by creating a great working environment

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