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Bespoke intelligent home automation

Automate Your Home Today

The ability to control your home easily is at the heart of everything we do - we provide a wide selection of smart home applications & control interfaces to do this.

Primary control is provided by wall mounted key-pads & sleek touch-panels. These are complemented by your personal mobile device(s) with programmable control interfaces in a single application.  Ambient control such as Amazon Echo (Alexa) allows you to control via voice commands.

Our objective is to reduce the number of button presses/steps in order for you to enjoy your home.

IntelliCasa smart home residential automation
IntelliCasa smart home residential automation

Lighting & Blinds

We design and implement indoor and outdoor architectural lighting solutions, creating the perfect ambience for your home.

Using silent blinds and curtains with pre-set lighting scenes such as Welcome, Morning, Evening or Cocktail, our system transforms the mood of any room with a simple touch while reducing energy consumption via sustainable design.

Climate Control

Maximize your energy savings by setting the optimal temperature in any room. Intuitive, sophisticated climate control for every season.

Our  SMART HVAC systems constantly monitor the environment providing efficient output at all times and can be fully controlled through one easy to use interface.

IntelliCasa Smart home climate control
IntelliCasa smart home cinema room

Audio Visual Entertainment

Entertainment should be an enriching experience. This requires high quality video, detailed accurate audio & above all, ease of use.

Whether you love music, movies or TV shows, we have elegant & stylish home automation solutions to compliment the most beautiful interiors.

We will work with you to develop a bespoke system based on your preference, performance expectations, aesthetics & budget. Our solutions are designed to scale & we always plan ahead to cater for any future upgrades.

Security Solutions

Using state of the art technology to protect your home and family providing you with unmatched levels of control and convenience.

We provide solutions that integrate intruder & fire alarm systems, CCTV and door entry systems equipped with motion sensors and panic buttons.

All accessible from anywhere in the world via your mobile device.

IntelliCasa smart home security systems
IntelliCasa smart lighting design

Lighting System Design

Electrical infrastructure is the key foundation to all elements of a smart home.  Our dedicated design team of qualified electricians can design electrical plans for your new home or renovation project.

Other services includes certifying installations, carrying out repairs & upgrades.

How you can benefit from our residential solutions...

IntelliCasa smart home lighting


Bespoke custom solution, installed by professionals, for your peace of mind.

IntelliCasa smart home external lighting

Energy Efficiency

Efficient lighting and climate control will help reduce your energy cost.

IntelliCasa smart home touch panel


A single application, allows you to control all integrated aspects of your home including remote access.

IntelliCasa smart home cinema room


An easy to use system whereby you can be in complete control of your whole house all from the comfort of your sofa.

IntelliCasa Smart Games room Automation


Your investment in a Smart Home system increases your property's value.

Smart Home Automation - London

What a smart home is:

The concept of a smart home is achieved by adding intelligence to a house which allows you to control all the different sub-systems through one single interface and have all the systems communicate with each other.

Benefits: The accessibility of having everything unified under one control interface makes comfort and convenience the main benefit of a smart home. The systems are tailor-made so the user can choose what systems they want to control and exactly how they want to control them.

  • Everything in one place: Convenience.

  • Less clutter and better aesthetics.

  • Unified and centralized control.

  • Accessible from anywhere in the world.

  • The One App Home: Brands are irrelevant.

  • Cool and futuristic: The things that we used to dream of are now a reality.

  • Wide range of premium products and finishes to fit all tastes and designs.

  • Quality sound, high definition video & great aesthetics.

  • Peace of mind: Check home security elements from anywhere in the world.

  • IEQ: Indoor environmental quality – Lighting, climate, air quality, sound levels & ergonomics.

  • Accessibility: All control for all systems in one place. Scenes tailored to your preference and the least amount of human interaction to reach the end goal.



We advise, consult and install home automation systems.

IntelliCasa is owned, operated and staffed by dedicated people who all share a passion for automating your home. We look forward to providing you with not only the latest and best smart house technologies available, but also with exceptional customer service, advice, and after market support.

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