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Bishops Avenue, Hampstead

Cutting-edge Crestron lighting control

This London luxury mansion has over 20,000 square foot of living space with a large garden and driveway. The smart home technology incorporated the installation of 48 wireless smart alarm sensors in the garden and smart shutters along with state-of-the-art CCTV cameras, capable to monitor the movement of people with pre-set time, eg within certain hours. The smart home technology system is capable of recording events to compare historically, to protect the premises in the evenings and when people are away on holidays.

The smart lighting control has been changed in the house to a cutting-edge Crestron lighting control, enabling the alarm system as well as the cameras to send signals back to the Crestron home processor to trigger the lights at night in case of an unwanted event. The shutters also will come down automatically much before the intruder gets close to the house, thanks to the reliable Texecom Motion and Heat alarm detectors and the infrared smart technology of Hikvision CCTV cameras giving a greater protection to the owners.

Mitsubishi comfort cooling control is managed and handled by the Crestron user application and touch panels around the house, bringing the smart home automation systems to a whole new era, offering ease of control and management, not to mention the control of over 45 curtain tracks in lounges and bedrooms. The AV and music multiroom systems around the house, extend to include the gym and hammam area as well as swimming pool and the terraces, which allow the user to play their favourite tracks and Spotify at multiple levels. Intellicasa used Sonos technology to distribute the required sound around the house. This smart home automation integration incorporated some state-of-the-art technology offering the very best security solution to one of the most expensive prime homes in London.

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