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Chester Square, London

Smart building management system

The previous network infrastructure had become obsolete, lacking the ability to receive firmware updates,
comply with contemporary security standards, or facilitate remote access for troubleshooting and reactive

The network system within the premises underwent a substantial upgrade, resulting in the installation of a new
and robust system. This included the integration of a 48-port switch, ten Wi-Fi access points, and a single
security gateway and router provided by Ubiquiti. This upgrade extended Wi-Fi coverage to all areas within the
property, ensuring a strong signal on every floor. Furthermore, this enhancement improved the security posture
with stronger firewalls to guard against potential cyber threats. The network system was partitioned into three
distinct user profiles, catering to the homeowner, staff, and maintenance personnel. This segregation of network
access not only bolsters security but also prevents unauthorised users from gaining access.

Water Hygiene & Treatment & Water Tank Clean and Chlorination Services -
Our water treatment team conducted comprehensive disinfection and remedial works on the boosted cold-water
tank at the site. The process involved isolating the tank, dosing it with hydrogen peroxide to achieve an
acceptable level of 1000ppm, draining and cleaning the tank, replacing the 42mm valve, and installing an air
vent at the tank lid's far end. These measures ensured that the tank now conforms to BYLAW 30 standards and
was subsequently reinstated into service. Additionally, the water softener was tested and placed into manual service, demonstrating proper functionality. The delivery and placement of salt bags were also executed, with three of the five bags deposited in the brine bin.

A significant upgrade to the Crestron system was carried out, which included replacing the existing touch panels
with twelve state-of-the-art Crestron TSW-1070R-B 10.1-inch touch panels in every room. The previous touch
panels were characterised by sluggish performance and lacked support for new firmware updates and
integration with third-party systems like the heating and door entry systems. The new touch panels support the
latest Crestron platform, Crestron Home, providing an intuitive and user-friendly interface while delivering
optimal performance. To facilitate these improvements, a Crestron CP4-R processor was installed as the primary
control unit for the Crestron system. This processor supports the Crestron Home platform and BACnet
connectivity, enabling seamless integration with the house's heating and cooling systems, the new BPT Door
entry system, and the lighting system. Additionally, a new HR-310-I handheld remote control together with the CEN-GWEXER IR receiver was programmed and installed for the sitting room and gym room downstairs, allowing for audio & video control in these specific areas.

The previous old door entry system was obsolete and did not support the new Crestron system and firmware
updates while the camera resolution was poor compared to current systems. The olddoor entrysystem has
been replaced with a new cutting edge BPT Door Entry System that is integrated into the new Crestron System
and the user can access it from the new Crestron touch panels in the house on each floor. The new BPT system
comprises of two door entry panels in gold that serve the ground floor and lower ground floor areas of the house
with a new high-definition video camera that allows also remote access through the Crestron Home app on mobile devices.

The heating and hot water systems were controlled by the SeaChange BMS that has been discontinued by the
manufacturer with no available spare parts and technical support making maintenance and repairs difficult or
impossible. Moreover, the specific BMS system is more than ten years old, which makes it outdated and less
efficient than newer models available on the market, whilst it did not allow for new third party integration like the
Crestron touch panels and remote monitoring and control.

The old SeaChange BMS has been replaced with the new Loxone BMS for the plant room and Heatmiser
controllers for the heating zones on each floor. Both manufacturers are well known in the UK for their long term
presence, quality of products and reliable technical support whilst the availability of spare parts for future
replacement is easy due to their established offices in the UK market.

The new Loxone BMS consists of a central automation BMS panel located in the plant room that controls and
monitors the primary and secondary heating system (Boiler, pumps, and valves) as well as the Hot water System
through the central miniserver and the I/O extensions. The user can monitor and control the system through the
touch panel on the front of the automation panel or through a mobile app.

The system is integrated into Crestron through BACnet IP communication protocol and allows the user to have
full control over through the Crestron user interfaces (touch panels in each floor and mobile devices). The
heating zones of each floor are controlled by the Heatmiser system that is also integrated into the Loxone BMS
system as well as into the Crestron System through the Ultamation HVAC Bridge for Crestron Home. In each
floor a Heatmiser automation panel is installed that controls the wet and electric underfloor heating and also the
radiators. The user has access to set any desired temperature through the Crestron interfaces around the house
for each zone as well as through the Crestron mobile app.

The Loxone BMS panel also monitors the ventilation of the plant room with the new installed fans, the position
of the heating and hot water valves as well as the operation of the sump pumps in case of an alarm. The sump
pump control panel alarm, the operation of the ventilation fans and the heating and hot water valves of the
primary circuit were integrated into the new Loxone system that were not before in the old BMS ensuring optimal
operation, remote management and diagnosis for maintenance purposes.

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