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Finborough Road, Chelsea

Integrated lighting control system

Finborough Road, Chelsea- London
Smart home technology in London at its best. The most important aspect of this project was keeping everything in line with the simplistic, yet beautiful interior design. Luckily, the wide range of finishes and designs offered by Crestron made it easy to naturally blend in our entire installation to any interior. This project required the best cutting-edge technology from the latest in AV, blinds, lighting, security and HVAC control.

Intellicasa’s smart home integrated lighting control solutions include motorized shades - adding beauty, convenience, and comfort throughout this home.

Featuring exclusive Quiet Motor Technology™, the Crestron shades provide silent operation and convenience, through single one-touch control. Their brushless design is unique in offering an exclusive whisperless experience for the users. Brushes in DC motors wear over time, causing the motor to fail. Our new brushless motor provides greater reliability, much longer life, and ultra-quiet operation. Even better, automated shades lower utility bills and increase the home's value and security. Intellicasa were able to offer the client a selection of colours to select from to marry their shades to the interiors of their choice, combining with maximum functionality that incorporates entertainment, security and smart home lighting control.

To allow all of the above to work efficiently and reliably, Intellicasa designed and installed an enterprise-grade gigabit network with WiFi access points discreetly placed in all key areas of the property, ensuring great coverage and throughput in every area of the property. HD CCTV cameras run over this same network for total coverage of the home. The clients have the option to view cameras on any TV in the home or via a smartphone app when away.

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