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Randolph Avenue, Maida Vale

Intelligent smart home automation & security

This classical Georgian property was a prime example of how smart home automation technology can be intelligently incorporated into a residence tastefully and efficiently. The lighting design of the stunning house was made with care to attention to fit within the decor of the house, highlighting the outstanding art display within the property. The latest smart home technology was used to provide robust security to the owner. The smart home system installed focussed around on protecting the art.

High definition CCTV cameras and electric shutters were been installed on the external doors leading to the back garden from various rooms of the house. The shutters are connected to Crestron home smart home systems and the owner can by the click of a button set the house to "night mode" or "home away" sending intelligent digital signals to the lights around the house and shutter to close at the same time. The alarm security system connected back to Crestron home can also be set on and off when the "home away" or "sleep" modes are selected. The cameras on the outside are auto-adjust as well auto-detect past certain hours pre-set by the client, this is by far adding an extra layer of security not only for his protection when the client is in but also for peace of mind that when he is away and does not have to worry at all about the art safety.

The lights and shutters are set to be programmed by the client that when he presses "home away", they also come on and off at certain times and in certain rooms randomly mimicking the occupant's daily activities so whoever passes the house at night thinks that the house is occupied. This has also contributed to a reduced home insurance cover which was reduced, thanks to the intelligent smart home automation and security features designed by Intellicasa London.

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