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St Martins Place, Westminster

Crestron & Lutron automation

With stunning views overlooking the London Eye, on this project, IntelliCasa integrated Crestron & Lutron seamlessly so that all systems would work in perfect harmony, keeping the essence of the Smart Home alive, even when using multiple different control systems. The smart home automation technology provided for an enhanced user experience for the occupants who utilised intelligent lighting control and AV to accentuate their lifestyle.

Each room benefit from an extensive Crestron lighting control system – well over 400 channels. Simple keypads in each room allow lights to be switched on and off, or one of three lighting scenes to be recalled. The client can quickly and easily adjust scenes on any touch screen or iPad and that change can be instantly recalled on a keypad. A simple toggle on the keypads allow curtains and blinds to be opened or closed. A user-adjustable scheduler allows groups of lights to be automated at specific times, for example dusk or dawn, ensuring the property always looks its best.

To allow all of the above to work efficiently and reliably, Intellicasa designed and installed an enterprise grade gigabit network with WiFi access points discreetly placed in all key areas of the property, ensuring great coverage and throughput in every area of the property. HD CCTV cameras run over this same network for total coverage of the home. The clients have the option to view cameras on any TV in the home or via a smart phone app when away.

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