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The Buckingham, St James’s Park

Smart home upgrade

This prime Central London luxury home incorporated some of the latest state-of-the-art smart home automation. The original installation included a Crestron CP3 processor, along with intelligent lighting system by way of the Lutron Homeworks system. Intellicasa worked closely with the client to overhaul the entire design to include upgraded smart home touch panels, along with a full upgrade of the lighting systems to a QS processor. This upgrade not only aided a more energy efficient usage of the lighting, but also greater functionality allowing it to operate in line with the occupants’ requirements.

The triple-height ceiling of the main lounge incorporated multiple lighting zones and an HVAC system to climatise the room due to its immense size. A Crestron BACnet system was connected to the Mitsubishi HVAC units using Coolmaster in the middle to create the connection and transfer of data between the two, by doing so not only the user can control the heating on the touch panel but also the air conditioning during the heat of the summer. Moreover, the system is capable of distinguishing between summer and winter seasons thanks to the smart built-in geographical positioning functionality. This allows the artificial intelligence to cut off the Underfloor Heating System during the summer and the air conditioning system during the winter and does not conflict one with the other, for the sake of saving energy and making the system fully autonomous. The smart home security system has been taken care of for the external perimeters of the house to include the latest BPT door entry system and Dallemier super high resolution / hi-definition CCTV system. The smart home technology used in this home allowed for a total bespoke design and user functionality that exceeded the client’s expectations.

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