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The Chandlery, Westminster

Audio visual smart home entertainment

This Central London smart home automation project was close to our hearts, as entertainment was top priority for our client. We installed three different AV zones that could be controlled individually or combined as one to put the entire home in party mode. We used a specialised AV matrix to create several music zones, allowing different media to be streamed in various locations. Advanced programming allowed the user to switch between sources seamlessly in order to never miss even a second of their favourite shows.

Smart home technology was put to the test with the installation of a charging point for the electrical vehicle, providing an energy efficient outlook throughout the integration process. High fidelity sound was key, and by using the latest state-of-the-art Crestron speakers, they created the ultimate audio experience. Latest HD OLED TV’s were used to enhance the ‘at-home’ cinema experience using the powerful Pioneer amplifiers to complement the high quality set-up throughout.

This property was a prime example of how smart home automation technology can be intelligently incorporated into a residence tastefully and efficiently.

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