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The Clarence, St James’s Park

Smart home integration with buidling controls

This property was an additional property in the same portfolio as The Buckingham, located in the prestigious St James’s Park, Central London. This prime central London property underwent a similar upgrade to be in line with the latest state-of-the-art smart home technology, which included 4k distribution for the 5 QLED UHDTVs installed in the house and one 38inch Aqua TV in the bathroom hidden discreetly behind the mirror. The Crestron home systems along with Crestron 8 zone amplifier distributes stereo sound with high fidelity throughout the entire house to include the kitchen, bedrooms, lounge and en-suite. All connected via Autonomic 5e Edition to Spotify, Tune-In Radios and a host of wireless airplay sources allowing not only the owner of the house to play their favourite songs but also the visitors to airplay it for their visit.

One of the exceptional features is that the system is also linked to the concierge desk so if the occupant rings the apartment, the music cuts out and the latest Crestron touch panel turns to video entry call ready to answer. Once the call has finished, the system resumes to what it was on before. For instance, if the TV was on, then paused, it will then resume the program automatically and if the music was playing, it will also resume the song automatically. This spectacular building also has the benefit of a car lift to every apartment. Our installation of this smart home technology allows the system to call the lift by a single touch on the Crestron touch panel. Also, a Banham alarm system has been installed and commissioned by Intellicasa to offer the owner of this Central London smart home and their families maximum security with a 24-hour monitoring system in place.

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