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 Signature Project 

Arkley Drive, Barnet-London

Lighting design & security control

The project was initially completed in 2013 with Systemline and Lutron smart home technology. In 2020 the client decided to upgrade the system in order to incorporate the latest smart home technology and add new features using Crestron equipment.

The house initially benefitted from Lutron Lighting/shade/curtain/gate and security control connected to the Banham alarm system, in the event of a burglary Banham sends signal back to Lutron and trigger the lighting in the key areas of the house giving full access to the CCTV system that in turn send a notification video and photo message to the client alerting him instantly of the event occurring in his house. The same applies for a fire event.

Lutron lighting control was designed and executed by intelliCasa Team alongside the interior designers and architect and there are around 130 lighting circuit throughout. Systemline control was installed for thirteen different zones capable of distributing audio and video through a complex HDMI matrix system.

Seven years later the client approached us and expressed his wishes to have a more advanced control system in place for the all the areas of the property with the capabilities of 4k Ultra high Def distribution to replace the older HDMI system installed back in 2013. Our Professional consulting service team quickly put together a new solution for the client. Crestron Home Control system was selected as an upgrade to the existing system with the aim to change all of the thirteen touch screens in the house to Crestron TSW1060 panels. Today Crestron Home system controls all the areas to include the glamorous TV Room with one of the most advanced Pioneer HDMI 4K 7.1 amplifier and a state of the art 80 inch Samsung Smart TV. Crestron and Lutron QS Lighting Control work in harmony in the house, a great example that demonstrates how scalable IntellliCasa's solution can be without taking the whole house back to brick.

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