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 Signature Project 

Holland Park,Kensington-London

Audio visual, lighting & security

Situated in London's esteemed Holland Park area, this Villa is a remarkable project undertaken by Intellicasa. Spanning over 15,000 square feet, this residence captivated our attention due to its underperforming pre-installed smart system. The original installation, comprising KNX, Lutron, Loxone, and Gira technologies, suffered from poor integration, resulting in an unstable system. Despite the client's attempts to find a solution, none proved successful.

Intellicasa saw an opportunity to transform this magnificent property by replacing the existing installation with Crestron Home. Over the course of four months, our expert team seamlessly integrated all systems into a simple and efficient solution. We installed seven Crestron touch panels in key rooms and converted the lighting to Crestron in the bedrooms, swimming pool, lounge, and master bedroom. By bridging the systems flawlessly through Crestron KNX integration, we delivered an intelligent and energy-efficient solution that harmoniously coexists with other systems.

Enhancing the audio-visual experience, Intellicasa installed Pioneer amplifiers and Samsung televisions to create standalone AV systems in the lounge, cinema, master room, gym, and swimming pool. The clients' request for a Subwoofer speaker system was fulfilled, providing impeccable sound and optimal distribution. To enable music streaming throughout the house, we implemented a setup featuring Crestron touch panels and the Autonomic module. In the cinema, a stunning 95-inch Sony Television paired with a Bowers and Wilkins surround sound system elevated the cinematic experience. Additionally, we enhanced the smart lighting system and converted the swimming pool area and gymnasium into smart recreational spaces.

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