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Another Successful Summer Internship at IntelliCasa!

Each year during the summer period, IntelliCasa has the privilege to offer internships to a number of selected, successful students from across the UK & Europe. This unique opportunity will give the young professionals the chance to get a hands-on experience in the automation industry while working with the latest available technologies.

This year we had the pleasure to welcome Mr. Florian Promonet a student of computing, automation and instrumentation from the Polytech Annecy Chambery at University of Savoy, France. During the 10 weeks internship, Mr. Promonet had the chance to work directly with our team on some of our ongoing projects.

Intellicasa internship

"I knew the basics about automated lightings and electric shutters but, with IntelliCasa I got the chance to improve my knowledge on other features of smart-homes particularly, on media management. I discovered different ways to control and display the media (i.e. music and video) on multiple screens and speakers. I also got to know and work with the most advanced devices used in home-automated systems. "

"I learned about networks and their direct application. I also worked on the architecture of all connected electrical devices and finally, I learned how to use appropriate software to control the processor for home-automated systems." Quotes our intern, on his prior and newly developed knowledge about the home-automation industry during his time at IntelliCasa.

When asking Mr Promonet about the most intriguing aspect of his internship, he states:

"The size of different installations are really impressive. In addition, when I followed the projects from the beginning, I could see the quantity of wires installed behind the walls and ceilings before the completion of the projects. Therefore, the most impressive aspect was the complexity of the system at the back and its ease of use & simplicity for the client, at front."

"IntelliCasa allowed me to discover the home automation industry in depth with introducing some impressive projects all over London and giving me the opportunity to follow the project I worked on from beginning to end. I had the chance to learn new subjects in a pleasant atmosphere with people who want to share their knowledge." states Mr. Promonet on his overall experience during his stay at IntelliCasa.

IntelliCasa was delighted to work with Mr. Promonet and we look forward to welcoming more successful individuals in the future.


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