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IntelliCasa at ICCS Launch

On the 26th of March of 2018, IntelliCasa directors Elie Kfoury (CEO) & Konstantinos Karagiannis (COO) were invited to attend the launch of the Institute of Communications and Connected Systems at UCL led by the professors Izzat Darwzeh and Polina Bayvel. The launch was an opportunity to explore the work already undertaken at UCL upon which this new institute plans to build and it consisted of a number of short talks on the diverse areas of research undertaken at ICCS, which sits within four cross-sector and multidisciplinary themes, promoting a collaborative approach to address real-world problems facing an increasingly connected and data-driven society.

ICCS launch

The Institute of Communications and Connected Systems brings together over 100 researchers including some of the finest minds with knowledge from careers in both industry and academia. Their research spans from the physics and engineering o wireless and optical physical layers up to software applications and data processing and across every area of communications technology, the researchers work together, ensuring a fully informed, joined-up approach to advancing current technology. UCL associates also took the opportunity to talk about the recent MSc programs that are now available thanks to the ICCS, such as Internet Engineering, Telecommunications & Wireless and Optical Communications. The launch was followed by an exhibition of demonstrations and poster presentations from across the ICCS portfolio and a chance to network with the rest of the attendees, among them, members of the Industrial Advisory Board of UCL, Senior Research Associates, Professors and Lecturers and Managing and Executive Directors from other industry-related companies.

ICCS launch - IntelliCasa

From left to right, UCL's Dr Kenneth Tong, IntelliCasa COO Konstantinos Karagiannis & CEO Elie Kfoury, UCL Business Development and Marketing Officer, Tim Bodley-Scott & Techna International Ltd Managing Director John Mestitz. For more information about the Institute of Communications and Connected Systems, visit


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