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IntelliCasa Supporting Future Talents!

IntelliCasa has welcomed Nescot College student, Frankie Ross, to join its engineering team as part of its commitment to continue supporting future talents.

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Frankie decided to pursue an apprenticeship rather than a full time degree option so that he could learn in a more hands-on environment.

This will give young technicians who are new to the working world a solid start and a useful training programme to provide skills for future roles.

IntelliCasa, hopes that such opportunities will provide the knowledge and experience needed for young professionals to enter the job market.

We specialise in bespoke design, supply and installation of residential and commercial automation systems for discerning clients. Operating within the UK, Europe and Middle East undertaking projects in prime locations since 2006. A client centric approach has allowed us to grow into an organisation looking after a large portfolio of worldwide assets.

IntelliCasa prides itself to be the Home & Commercial Automation installation specialist that thrives to deliver the ultimate solution tailored to our client's needs, with market leading integration and control products delivered with a first class client focus.


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