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''Dress'' your apartment Smart with an affordable Home Automation Solution!

After an incredibly successful case study transforming a one-bedroom apartment into a smart home in West Kensington, Intellicasa has decided to propose an affordable home automation solution for professional installations. Smart home installations in London have risen significantly in the last ten years. A professional installation can provide great benefits and help homeowners maintain quality at all levels of the Smart Home compared to DIY solutions. DIY refers to basic control and monitoring and sometimes to basic automation since advanced automation means that all systems interact with each other to achieve maximum comfort and luxury, whilst the user interacts with all systems from a single interface. IntelliCasa offers professional installation services with the best smart home products in the market, controlled by a single app, now at an affordable price.

IntelliCasa smart home affordable solution

The main example is one of our latest projects in West Kensington transforming a one-bedroom apartment into a fully automated flat. After doing some refurbishment, the client wanted to upgrade this small Victorian apartment by improving aesthetics in lighting as well as increasing energy efficiency and comfort in order to rent or sell the property at a higher price. The Smart Home system became a differentiating factor compared to similar apartments in the neighbourhood. The smart home feeling starts when you are entering or leaving the house when the Hello/Goodbye button is activated. Everything is lightened up at a preconfigured level without touching any light switch. All art is illuminated accordingly and pre-set scenes like ''movie'' or ''party'' that incorporate mood lighting, video and music or audio can be selected. You can listen to any song on Spotify or any radio in any room you like thanks to the incredible Crestron speakers installed in each room of the house even in the bathroom. Moreover, the temperature is already set at a pre-set level before you enter the house keeping the house warm in maximum energy efficiency and switching to comfort level as soon as you enter the house in a few minutes. And all these can be set by your smartphone when you are away or lying on your bed ready to sleep.

Smart Home-  Living room

The benefits of home automation are multiple. Among the most important ones is efficient energy management. The supply of energy to residential buildings accounts for approximately 22% of the worldwide energy consumption, and buildings cause approximately 17% of CO2 emissions. Every day, considerable amounts of energy are wasted because buildings do not adopt smart solutions to manage energy efficiently. Home automation can reduce waste and turn your home greener helping you save up to 15% on annual energy bills. For example, an average 2-bedroom flat in Central London could save up to £ 50 on annual energy bills.

Another proven benefit of home automation is the increase in property value. A smart home installation is increasingly encouraged and sponsored by governments in the UK and Europe and will become incredibly critical in the future years because of new regulations to contrast climate change. Installing smart technologies in your home today means greater value-added for ‘tomorrow’. Depending on the size of the project, home automation systems increase a property’s value by 10% - 30%. For example, a 2-bedroom flat in central London costing an average of £ 500,000 could increase its value to £ 550,000.

Smart Home- smart lighting kitchen in West Kensigton apartment

Finally, professional home automation installations add great comfort to your home. “Forgot the lights on in the living room? Easy you can turn them off from your phone wherever you are!”. Enjoy peace of mind by being in control of your home at any time, remotely and easily from your smartphone or device of your preference.

Smart Home- smart lighting bedroom in West Kensigton apartment

Intellicasa has worked on an essential home automation package for an average one/two-bedroom flat in London which delivers the main features of home automation. Our essential package starts at 7,999 GBP excluding VAT, and wiring. The package includes incredible features such as Crestron speaker sound system, smart dimmable lighting to set the perfect atmosphere in your flat and help you reduce energy consumption, intelligent thermostat to control HVAC, DIY tools integration such as Amazon Alexa, Apple Home Pod or Google Nest, and smartphone in-app integration where you can control all the settings from an app on your phone. Intellicasa uses Crestron as a reliable partner of premium smart home installation products. Depending on your house requirements, Intellicasa can also propose additional features such as alarm systems, door entry systems, wifi network and more.

Smart Home- smart lighting living room in West Kensigton apartment

Subject to the requirements, we aim to deliver a design proposal in 72 hours and after approval complete the installation in 3 or 4 days (assuming wiring and cabling in the house ha already been completed). For your peace of mind, Intellicasa also offers ongoing maintenance and support on all the installed electronics. Please note that price specifications and product list may vary depending on your flat requirements.

Intellicasa Smart home systems


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