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New Strategic Partnership: Towards Sustainable Luxury - Automation and interior design!

Intellicasa is proud to announce that it recently established a strategic automation and interior design partnership with Living Italian Luxury, an interior design company with international experience. With over 80 years of expertise in the design industry, Living Italian Luxury (LIL), offers tailor-made, sustainable, luxurious interior solutions for private villas, apartments, hotels, restaurants, yachts and company offices. LIL supports customers every step of the way from interior design, hand-made designs, 3d renderings, to production, delivery, and installation. Living Italian Luxury has offices in Switzerland, Italy, and United Kingdom.

Living Italian Luxury- IntelliCasa partnership

LIL’s authentic furniture is manufactured in Italy according to the highest sustainability standards using innovative eco-friendly materials (organic, recycled, recyclable and compostable technologies), exclusive vegan leathers from natural sources (like pineapples, grapes, apples) and special luxurious finishes.

premium Interior design- Living room

Living Italian Luxury embodies environmental eco-sustainability, whilst ensuring luxurious finishes. Some of the activities that make LIL a more responsible company include sourcing wood which is not coming from virgin forests or illegal activities, using glues and solvents water-based wherever possible, reducing the usage of plastics for packaging, and implementing new technologies to make polyurethane compostable.

LIL also uses a series of eco-friendly fabrics. Organic and recycled yarns with exclusive design combined with lower environmental impact. These innovative yarn fabrics help reduce electricity by 47%, CO2 emissions by 47%, and water consumption by 62% as compared to traditional yarns. In addition, LIL uses vegan leathers from natural sources such as pineapple, apple skin, and grape skin.

premium Interior design- kitchen

This partnership aims to deliver a sustainable luxury solution to discerning clients. Living Italian Luxury is a B Certified Corporation and offers a wide range of designs and finishes that go hand in hand with Intellicasa’s home automation systems. In addition to being mindful of its carbon footprint, LIL reduces its environmental impact by developing new technologies and safeguarding existing natural resources from the design phase of products.

premium Interior design- bedroom

Intellicasa works with LIL’s interior design team to eliminate the confusion of cables and wiring and integrate highly efficient smart solutions in order to reduce energy waste and optimise users’ lives. These can be elegant touch panels which allow control of a space wherever and whenever desired, integrated security systems, smart HVAC and smart lighting to set the perfect environment, cinema rooms, and audio visual solutions for the best user experience. Controlling your home has never been simpler than it is now. You can also make your house intelligently adapt to your lifestyle by using motion and lighting sensors as well as timers to conserve energy and enhance convenience.

premium Interior design- bedroom

LIL and Intellicasa aim to satisfy consumer demands by offering a more complete range of services and by combining luxury interiors with the utmost elegant smart automation technologies for commercial and residential spaces. Waste reduction is at the heart of both companies. By working together on more efficient ways to scale our businesses, source our materials, and coordinate projects we aim to deliver sustainable solutions while reducing unnecessary waste and consumption.

Strategic Partnership celebration IntelliCasa and LIL
From Left to right, Gabriele Boga CEO at LIL, Alberto Sassi Project Manager at IntelliCasa, Konstantinos Karagiannis COO at IntelliCasa, and Elie Kfoury CEO at IntelliCasa celebrating celebrating the beginning of their partnership in London

Living Italian Luxury perfectly fulfils the goal of Intellicasa towards sustainable luxury, waste reduction in combination with elegant design and improved aesthetics.

premium Interior design- study room


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