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When Luxury meets Smart Home Technology in London!

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

This project represents one of the most high-end projects of IntelliCasa in London so far with the latest, cutting-edge smart home automation technology that incorporates comfort, luxury and aesthetics in a one app solution. The client approached Intellicasa at the concept stage of the project to help design a bespoke, easy to use, intuitive system with minimalistic design, to deliver a state of the art, eco-friendly smart home solution for their new home.

IntelliCasa managed to address the clients requirements by offering the ultimate smart home system that encompassed full AV, Lighting, HVAC, CCTV and Door Entry systems control. The system proposed included the latest most powerful smart home processor from Crestron as well as elegant keypads with engraved buttons fully customized to the client's preference, user-friendly wall-mounted touch panels with slick design in every room and the most premium brands for the control of subsystems like Bahnam for security and Mitsubishi for climate control, whilst ensuring that the functionality was intuitive and uncluttered.

Smart Home Technology in London

Furthermore, this technically complex smart home project went back to brick, creating a new basement extension to accommodate a new swimming pool with its own party mode and unique Virtual Reality Room (dancing lights!). Further additions, aside from the pool area included a gym and a unique home cinema room.

Smart Home Technology in London

The house contains a wide variety of artwork that was illuminated with aesthetic lighting design and enhanced its effect by enlivening everything in the house! Moreover, preset light scenes were implemented for different lighting scenarios such as entertainment mode for parties and the gaming room, night time use for guests, mood lighting for the home cinema, security lighting and vacation mode for outdoors and indoors.

Smart Home Technology in London

Various centralised video and audio sources were distributed around the house from the Crestron digital media matrix which included entertainment and security in order for the client to have access to each preferred source from every single room in the house. In-ceiling speakers were used for each room to reproduce audio that retain the room's aesthetics and offer the best audio experience when needed.

Finally, the bespoke Home Cinema room was designed to offer the ultimate visual experience with high-end lighting design and Dolby Atmos surround system for the client and his guests, whilst incorporating a state-of-the-art 8K projector.

Smart Home Technology in London

Our team worked hard with the homeowners to offer our very best engineers for the integration of the complex systems, and to offer our unique lighting design services alongside the implementation of the smart home technology, as well as an oasis garden concept design.

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