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Second Time Around for IntelliCasa client - our customers come back again and again

Following a previous project that we completed for their home in Harvest Road North London which won an award in Show Home magazine one of our clients have instructed Intellicasa to be their SMART home installers again for their new home in Ealing West London.

The owners wanted to further increase the use of SMART technology in their new home and have worked closely with us to fully help with their requirements. They were particularly interested in how they could be more environmentally friendly and save on energy costs.

We have designed and will implement a fully intelligent SMART system that will allow the client to enjoy state of the art lighting, individual climate control, fully monitored AI security and 8k video & audio throughout the house all controlled through one easy to use interface via sleek touch panels and the clients personal devices.

IntelliCasa client

With our SMART climate control system the client will be able to pre-set individual temperature settings for any room in the house providing them with personal preferences to ensure they never use more energy than is needed. Research has shown that by using SMART energy systems you could achieve savings of up to 40% on the average UK household's heating bill.


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