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Smart Fire Extinguishing System Designed at Heart of IntelliCasa!

IntelliCasa has introduced its new cutting-edge integrated technology for fire hazards in smart homes. With over 50 activated power supplies in modern smart home infrastructures, fire can be an imperative safety risk for the household.

That is why IntelliCasa has designed a one of kind fire extinguishing system using self-activating fire suppression that offers the widest versatility and is incomparably safe against electronic malfunction.

This system does not rely on any complex electronics or moving parts and therefore, is one of the few automatic systems that will function during outage of power supplies.

Smart Fire Extinguishing System

The new technology is designed to send notification alerts to smart devices once smoke and fire is detected. The built-in smart extinguishing system will pause all active TVs and music, playing in various rooms, and sends out notifications not only to mobile phones and tablets but also turns TVs to preset channels showing the location of fire in the control room.

Imagine if a family is enjoying a hot summer day party with friends in their backyard , while listening to loud music, when suddenly, fire starts unexpectedly in the light box placed on upper floors. In such unfortunate scenario, our one of a kind system will immediately turn off the music, send notifications to owners and related emergency services. Additionally, the fire would also be attempted to be set down by the pneumatic extinguishing system prior to expanding further in the room. The control room will also be shown on the devices in real time showing the state of the fire.

By these means, the family would be aware of the incident immediately and can take the next safety measures cautiously.

Another aspect of this design is its functionality for people with special needs. The system can be customized to flash lights or turn on loud music depending on if the person can not see or hear.

Our installers have been certificated by UK based fire hazard specialists Firetrace Ltd. for installation, servicing and general maintenance of our distinctive fire extinguishers.

IntelliCasa is looking forward to install the one of a kind, smart fire extinguishing system in its upcoming project.


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