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Innovative Fire Extinguishing System at Heart of Chelsea!

Following on the successful course attendance on fire management & fire extinguishing systems by our CEO and engineers, Intellicasa has managed to successfully secure one of its new projects located at one the most luxurious houses in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.

Chelsea smart home Fire Extinguishing System

The installed system was complex in terms of its integration. Built over multiple floors and rooms, IntelliCasa advisor proposed the smart fire extinguishing system to the owners for extra caution and safety measures. The proposed system is capable of protecting all the installed devices from any power surges that can cause the risk of fire.

Upon the proposal, the clients were very receptive of the idea. They confirmed the installation of the smart fire system for the control rooms and lighting panels on every floor, all of which were integrated earlier this year by IntelliCasa itself.

Chelsea smart home System

The system is capable to put out any type of fire within seconds. The mechanism includes a pipe bursting and releases an extinguishing agent once fire is detected. Furthermore, the smart system will cut off the power automatically, while sending primary and secondary notifications to the client and emergency services.

Since the system is mechanically controlled, it is able to contact the relevant emergency services automatically when needed.

This system is another proof of the level of innovation and safety that our team at IntelliCasa always aims to achieve. We look forward to installing many more of our smart fire extinguishing system in the near future.


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