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IntelliCasa at the Global Student Engineering Conference

The GSEC student council invited IntelliCasa to give a presentation about the IoT and Home Automation at the Global Student Engineering Conference 2018 held from 4th to 7th of November at University College London. The CEO of IntelliCasa Elie Kfoury spoke about the Internet of things in relation to the Smart Home and the Smart Buildings as well as the challenges ahead, in terms of security and utilisation of disruptive technologies.

The conference was attended by many international engineering students from various engineering schools around the globe that were interested in disruptive technologies such as AI, Blockchain, IoT, AVR etc. The students were fascinated by IntelliCasa's presentation followed by many questions answered by Mr. E. Kfoury and the company's COO Mr.K.Karagiannis, about how the IoT is changing rapidly the Smart Home market. The students even demonstrated their own ideas to the IntelliCasa team, about how the commercial and residential built environment can be improved through AI and Augmented Reality.

Intellicasa engineers

We at IntelliCasa believe that the new generation of engineers is the key to a sustainable future and we are committed to keep supporting engineering students and their endeavours since it is number one topic in our CSR agenda. About GSEC The Global Student Engineering Conference (GSEC) started off as just an idea to bring around-the-world engineers together and encourage them to collaborate with companies. GSEC is organised by the University College London Mechanical Engineering Society (UCL MES). It aims to convene engineering students to foster the exchange of ideas and knowledge, for them to make a positive impact in their communities. Through a series of guest lectures, workshops and industrial visits, the conference aims to empower student engineers as change-makers to build a collective future, connect delegates with leaders in academia and industry to develop their ideas and foster meaningful relationships between youth leaders across regions

It was in 2017 when a group of UCL students decided to make it a reality. After months of hard work and organisation, GSEC 2017: SUSTAINABLE CITIES took place and it was an absolute success. Delegates from 10 different countries came to London to discuss with companies and academics the importance of sustainability, gaining valuable insight and knowledge into current practices and future prospects. Organisations engaged had a first-hand look at a number of top-talents in different universities, which had even led to recruitment for some. #GlobalStudentEngineeringConference2018 #smarthome #IoT #Education #Univesity #CSR #YoungGenerations #disruptivetechnologies #AI #Blockchain #AugmentedReality

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