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In December Crestron published a case study on one of our projects the Forge in Monaco - now a smart gym.

smart gym - the forge

The Forge is a state-of-the-art personal training lab located in the heart of Monaco. The brief was to offer the clientele a personalized experience and maximize motivation through the use of SMART lighting and audio in order to create a highly interactive and customizable workout oasis.

smart gym - the forge

smart gym - the forge

Intellicasa designed and installed a SMART system utilizing lighting and Crestron Sonnex® multi-room audio options so that the client was able to create several different lighting and audio scenarios ensuring the ultimate customer experience.

Clients were able to choose their very own preferences for both music and lighting to create a unique personal ambience that suited the type of session they were doing from subtle lighting and calming audio for Yoga to sublime lighting and pumped up tunes for Boxing.

The Forge team members and their clients can implement their personal preferences for music and lighting to create the ambient effect that works best for them during a workout. What made the Crestron solution stand out for The Forge is how it can seamlessly integrate different subsystems and provide the ability to personalize settings for each client. Utilizing smart lighting and Crestron Sonnex® multi-room audio solutions they were able to create several different lighting scenes to ensure a premier guest experience at all times. 


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