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Amazon Alexa integration with Crestron

Over the past few months, our engineers, architects (including our founder Elie Kfoury) has been busy testing out the ability of Amazon Echo - Alexa.

You did expect some very geeky hacks were made, yes and you are right. We have implement many solutions including a control to turn on a heating blanket, "Alexa, turn on my heating blanket".

The team was generally impressed by the AWIS powered Alexa, and we jumped for joy when we found integration in Crestron works effortlessly. Now we are able to offer clients a Crestron solution with voice control with Alexa. This means other than asking Alexa to play music, order an uber or delivery services you can do, "Alexa, turn on Sunshine morning theme" - the integration between Alexa and the Crestron system (*with configuration) will execute theme instructions for the blinds to slowly open, lights to go up, with a warm shower running waiting for you to start your day just right. - This is all possible should you choose to have automation around Lighting, Heating as well as media solution.

We are delighted to offer this solution to our existing and potential clients early Q1 in 2017. If you did like to hear more or discuss with further details, please do not hesitate to contact us.

For more information on Crestron's integration with Alexa please visit the Crestron website.


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