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Smart security to catch a thief!

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

Many people are fearful of becoming a victim of burglary especially as we probably know someone who has been a victim or have been made aware of a property being broken into in the neighbourhood.

The good news is that burglary offences recorded by the police saw a 4% decrease to 417,416 during 2019. One of the reasons is that people are now taking their security much more seriously and are making their homes much more difficult for the burglar by having locks on doors and windows, exterior lighting - smart security.

Whilst the above certainly helps unfortunately it is not always enough to deter a determined burglar and this is where a more sophisticated approach is needed.

Intellicasa smart security

Having a SMART State of the Art security system can provide you and your family with that added peace of mind knowing that you are doing all that you can to protect them. In a report for Co-Op Insurance, a panel of 12 ex-burglars reported that the biggest deterrent was a Burglar and CCTV system.

Intellicasa smart security

Here at Intellicasa we know how important your security concerns are which is why for the past 15 years we have partnered with Banhams Security.

Banhams has been a major force in the world of security since 1926 and their products are best in class. Using the very latest technology these can be fully integrated into your SMART home systems by Intellicasa qualified engineers.

Intellicasa can advise and help design a bespoke package for your home covering CCTV, Entry and Access control and Burglar alarm system.

With only 14% of UK adults installing CCTV in their homes, not many people are acting on this advice. To reduce the odds of being targeted by a villain, CCTV is a great choice especially if linked to a burglar system.

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