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The Golden Years of cutting edge technology

During 2020 Intellicasa will be celebrating 14 years of providing cutting edge technology in the Smart Automation sector.

The concept of Intellicasa was created by its founder Mr Elie Kfoury, it was whilst studying for an Engineering and Fibre Optics degree that Elie started a business in refurbishing apartments in London, he wanted his apartments to have a point of difference and he used his love of technology to furnish his projects with smart tech and it was the reaction of his buyers to this technology that gave him the idea to launch a specialist Smart Home Automation Company.

providing cutting edge technology

2006 saw the birth of Intellicasa, the company focused purely on the residential sector and quickly gained many clients including the England footballer Sol Campbell who were fascinated by the technology the company was able to provide.

The company continued to increase its expertise and in 2009,it added full smart automation solutions including Security, HVAC and streaming capabilities through the use of Apple products.

2015 witnessed the company venture outside of the UK with projects in Ibiza, Barcelona and Beausoleil in France.

providing cutting edge technology

2016 saw the company partner with several academic institutions such as University City London and IAC Savoire Mont Blanc in France. It was through these institutions that Intellicasa set up its research and development arm , working together in seeking new disruptive technology solutions.

2018 heralded new horizons for the company as it secured its first commercial project, The Forge Gym in Monaco. This project saw Intellicasa install state of the art lighting and audio systems which allowed the clientele to personally create their very own ambient settings for their workout sessions.

During 2019 Intellicasa continued to expand into the commercial sector managing the security maintenance for numerous McDonalds stores in London and also smart maintenance for several prestigious apartments across central London.

The company also completed a project with Venture X an American company specializing in shared office space whereby Intellicasa provided a fully functioning Smart system with room booking, video conferencing capabilities, smart lighting and audio and visual.

As for this year the company continues to focus on the 4 pillars, Residential, Commercial, Maintenance and Research and Development with the view to further develop one more pillar – more information to follow!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of our clients in helping us celebrate the past 14 years! We could not of done it without you!


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