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Home Sweet Home: Case study by Crestron & IntelliCasa

Crestron & IntelliCasa

Crestron & IntelliCasa

A home full of remotes for a variety of entertainment systems can be frustrating. This is the exact reason that this central London home owner turned to Crestron to simplify his current technology, streamlining the video and audio distribution throughout the home.

He called on integrator Intellicasa to install a superb Crestron home automation system to replace the existing control solution, all of which is controlled by one remote (HR-150) located in the living room and master bedroom. This customisable handheld wireless device has an easy grip design and user assignable buttons for personalised

Crestron & IntelliCasa

control. In addition to these remotes several stylishTSW-752 touch screens have been wall mounted in the office, lounge, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and terrace.

Another important factor for the homeowner was control of the audio and video distribution. A Crestron network music streamer was installed so that the family would have access to all their favourite content in one place. This was supported by a six zone amplifier, to ensure a high quality of sound anywhere in the house. Video distribution has also been improved through the use of a 4K HDMI Matrix, which sends ultra-high quality content to compatible screens in the property.

“The homeowner is delighted with the Crestron system’s ease of use and reliability,” comments Elie Kfoury, Director of Intellicasa. “We were able to offer a solution that is highly scalable, with future proof 4K performance to ensure longevity of the solution.”

The homeowner commented: “My experience with Intellicasa and Crestron has been terrific. Elie diagnosed the issues I had with my previous AV system, walked me through the options, didn’t try to over-sell me, and designed a good solution using Crestron.

“The music around the house is flawless and very easy to navigate by either using the wall mounted Crestron keypads or my own handheld iPhone and iPad. One thing worth mentioning here that my entire iTunes library is being streamed via the Crestron music server and all the contents are available along with my Spotify account on all the touch panels, making my listening environment consistent and available at a touch of a button throughout the entire house.

“Being the layman here I could not stop talking about how easy the entire system is to use. There are several keypads installed around the house, including the terrace, and two remote controls for the lounge and master bedroom, which are equally responsive with both of the TVs installed. The sound through the ceiling speakers was rectified throughout as I always previously had problems with it cutting out. I am very pleased to take Elie’s advice on board and use Crestron native system amplifier.”


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