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IntelliCasa an Approved Contractor for McDonald's and Dallmeier

IntelliCasa starts its collaboration with the world known fast food chain McDonald's in London, by having received the official BRC training of McDonald's and becoming an Approved Contractor in H&S for McDonald's Franchisee in Electrical works and Security.


Furthermore, the technical team of IntelliCasa has also attended the official training course for the world‘s leading suppliers of network-based video sur­veillance systems Dallmeier, for McDonald's operational requirements last summer. This strengthens the position of IntelliCasa in the B2B market and the company's expansion in the commercial sector. We feel proud for our Intelli team that a famous brand as McDonald's gave its approval and trusted IntelliCasa to undertake future projects in a hot topic as video sur­veillance that is one of paramount importance regarding the security of a business.


IntelliCasa will continue to work with the best suppliers and partners and enhance its services to satisfy all customer needs, at the highest level in the commercial and residential sector. We are excited to work in future projects with McDonald's and Dallmeier, whilst delivering the most effective engineering solution to our clients. #McDonalds #ApprovedContractor #HEALTHSAFETY #Dallmeier #videosurveillance #ApprovedInstaller #CCTV #B2B #Commercial


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