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Intellicasa CEO keynote speaker at UCL EEE/IoE Schools

IntelliCasa Founder & CEO Elie Kfoury gave an interesting speech as the keynote speaker at the UCL EEE/IoE Schools Air Pollution Monitoring Project Event at the end of September, held at UCL Roberts Building about how can Building & Home Automation as well as the IoT be able to create a next generation smart environment for human well-being.

IntelliCasa Founder & CEO Elie Kfoury

From left to right, UCL's Institute of Education Dr. Mark Hardman, the Chief Digital Officer for the London Mayor’s Office Mr Theo Blackwell, UCL Business Development and Marketing Officer, Tim Bodley-Scott , UCL EEE Head of Department Prof Sarah Spurgeon, IntelliCasa CEO Mr. Elie Kfoury & , & UCL EEE Dr. Kenneth Tong, IntelliCasa COO Konstantinos Karagiannis. The event presented the SAPM Project ran from March – September 2018 and focused on PhD students teaching year 8 secondary school children how to build a wireless sensor network for measuring air pollution in their schools in both London and Kent.During the project, the PhD students discussed air pollution, what engineers can do and how to design a long range air quality sensor network with a group of 6-10 Year 8 students, including both boys and girls. In mid-July 2018, they co-built a long range air quality monitor and started to collect and upload data to the IBM cloud server over the summer.

IntelliCasa contributed to this endeavour the past year by seconding a PhD student from the UCL EEE department in the project " Wellbeing sensor network for Smart City" under the supervision of Dr. Kenneth Tong, aiming to develop and deploy innovative wellbeing monitoring networks in high density urban areas.

IntelliCasa Founder & CEO Elie Kfoury

There were about 50 people attending the event, including the teachers and students from the schools, the UCL PhD students and academics, staff from educational charities, the Government Office of Science and representatives from the London Mayors Office in attendance. Mr Theo Blackwell, the Chief Digital Officer for the GLA gave a talk about the London’s smart city plan . The air quality data collected at the schools during the summer and the learning outcomes of the students in the celebration event was presented. Finally, the event concluded with a panel discussion about how government, companies, school and university can work together in future to improve the air quality in the capital.

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