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IntelliCasa illuminates the Art Nouveau of a Victorian house in Maida Vale.

The owner of this Victorian terraced house located in Maida Vale, just a stone’s throw away from Paddington’s Little Venice, called upon IntelliCasa to install a smart lighting solution, in order to illuminate the many works of art she planned to display in her new home. The owner of the property wished to upgrade her existing lighting system into a Smart Lighting system that could be controlled remotely by the user’s mobile phone, whilst not wanting to make any obtrusive changes to the home’s current interior design or make any damages whatsoever to the existing decoration and brickwork.

crestron pyng

IntelliCasa immediately suggested the powerful Crestron Pyng Control Hub to make the client’s wish a reality, and following a visit to the Crestron showroom to take the products for a test run, the client didn’t wish to look any further.

IntelliCasa illuminates the Art Nouveau

Due to the incorporation of a built in infiNET-EX Gateway to the Pyng Hub, no additional wires were needed as Crestron infiNET-EX technology provides a reliable and steady 2 way communication throughout, without the need for any physical control wiring, so we were able to replace the existing light switches with the Crestron infiNET integrated keypads, that allow switching and dimming of any circuit connected to the radio frequency mesh.

IntelliCasa illuminates the Art Nouveau

Once the installation of the equipment was completed, the configuration of the system was all handled quickly via the Crestron Pyng app by IntelliCasa engineers, whilst also offering the end-user the ability to make any changes to the lighting scene’s configuration in the future if need be.

For a final touch, the client wished to maximize the security of the property with roller shutters on the back doors. IntelliCasa quickly suggested that the motorized shutters could be added to the Pyng Hub system to give the user easy and remote control, as well as using the local switches of the shutters to open and close them.

IntelliCasa illuminates the Art Nouveau

IntelliCasa illuminates the Art Nouveau.


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