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New McDonald’s Paddington branch securely monitored by IntelliCasa

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

Security and peace of mind are of paramount importance for large organisations such as McDonald’s in central locations like Paddington in London. The previously small Mcdonald’s restaurant in Praed Street, re-located across the road and developed into a much larger complex, requiring attention to security like never before.

The client approached IntelliCasa to install Dallmeier security solutions for an extensive system with built-in artificial intelligence. IntelliCasa installed over twenty-six indoor and outdoor cameras covering three floors of the store. The built-in artificial intelligence is connected to the burglar alarm, cameras and speakers which have all been designed by Intellicasa’s engineering team.

CCTV monitored by IntelliCasa

The future of remote CCTV and video monitoring is artificial intelligence. AI visual recognition software can now analyse a video image in seconds and distinguish between alert triggers such as automobiles, tree movement, animals, weather as well as intruders and loiterers. Furthermore, AI is always learning, thus in the case of video surveillance, it learns about site-specific false alarm triggers, enhancing accuracy even further over time. Emerging technologies, such as AI video camera analytics, enable you to increase insights by recording activities and behaviours across organisations, automating staff visitor flow, time, and activity, which increases efficiency, savings, and site-wide security. This technology provides organisations with a refined automated service while also learning in order to deliver fresh insights and trend analysis.

CCTV monitored by IntelliCasa

The Dallmeier picoline 5050 series cameras installed in this project contain a high-resolution image sensor with excellent light sensitivity, allowing them to capture detailed colour images even in low-light conditions and are ideal for the communal and customer floors, store rooms and stairs of the restaurant.

Due to the sensor's high resolution and enhanced image processing, real-time recordings at a frame rate of 60fps (1080p/60) or up to 30fps at a resolution of 4MP are possible. As a result, the camera is ideal for any application that demands the capturing of extremely quick motions inside and outside the store in high quality. The camera is enhanced with HDR capability for capturing images in highly bright and dark zones. Each image is recorded with two possible settings, which are then merged in real-time to provide a balanced output. The generated video stream contains significantly greater clarity in both bright and dark zones and is visually almost identical to the perception of the human eye.

CCTV monitored by IntelliCasa

The biggest challenge for IntelliCasa was to design the system within the store and make sure that our engineers set the field of view (FOV) ranges of the cameras at optimal positions. Since no furniture was in place at the time of installation, our team had to foresee future obstacles while guaranteeing maximum coverage for such a congested store. Differently than previous McDonald’s restaurants we worked with, this one was a brand-new store as opposed to a refurb.

Intellicasa has participated actively in the construction and refurbishment of the brand-new McDonald’s in Paddington by upgrading, monitoring and integrating their smart technology solutions for their prime location in Central London and strengthening their partnership with an organisation of this calibre.

With the new restaurant set to open in early December, Intellicasa is well on target to meet the deadline with the installation and testing of the final product before the grand opening.

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